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How to Join for New Members


Click the link below and follow the prompts to create an account. 

Then go to the “MEMBERSHIP” tab, add both CANI Affiliate and Erne Paddlers memberships to your cart, fill in your details and checkout. Full instructions are included in the EP Membership forms.

Any problems, please come back and read the full guide below.

Full Guide

First Step:

Create an account on the website

To start, please create an account on our Go-Membership platform.

Our membership system is linked with CANI, (The Canoe Association of NI, our National Governing Body) and the link below will register you with CANI and automatically link your new account with Erne Paddlers club,

Your email address will be preselected as your username (you can change it if you wish) and you will be prompted to set up a password. Don’t forget to make a note of these, however you can use the password recovery option if you need to.


Important note: 

“This email address already exists”

If you have ever been a member of Erne Paddlers, CANI or an affiliated club, or are on our mailing list you will already have an account. This may have been created for you by a club admin. If you try to create a new account with the same email address already registered you will get the error message above. 

In this case, please use the “Forgot Password” link to reset your password and login.


Now you can scroll down and click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the page.

The next page allows you to opt-in to CANI’s and Go-Membership’s email lists and accept CANI’s Privacy Notice.

After clicking “Accept and Continue” you will be taken to the “MY PROFILE” page where you can check and update your details and add more information about yourself.

Under the “My Clubs” Heading (top right) you should see an Erne Paddlers tile to show that your account is linked to this club.

If there is no EP club tile, you can click on “Select Club”, search for and add Erne Paddlers as one of your linked clubs there.

Once you are registered you can add more family members (spouse, children, etc) to your account and manage them all under one login. To do this, click “Add Family Member'' at the bottom of the left hand column, under “Create Family”

After registering you will receive two emails from CANI, a welcome email and one asking you to verify your email address and account. They might take a few minutes to come through. At present we are not able to send out a welcome email from EP to confirm that you have linked to our club.

Please note that you are not yet an Erne Paddlers or CANI member - but you have created an account on the system.

Second Step:

Join Erne Paddlers Club and Purchase a Membership


After creating an account, go to the “MEMBERSHIP” tab, add both CANI Affiliate and Erne Paddlers memberships to your cart, fill in your details and checkout. Full instructions are included in the EP Membership forms.

Any problems, please come back and read the detailed instructions below.

Detailed Instructions:

Now you can join the club by purchasing a membership.

Before you add an Erne Paddlers membership, you must add a CANI ClubMember Affiliate Membership to the cart.

This is the fee that goes to CANI, providing you with a range of benefits (see Benefits section below), including third party insurance. CANI Membership (either; Full, Recreational, Life, Junior or Affiliate) is an essential requirement for all EP Club members. 


Coaches and Volunteers will need Full CANI membership to cover their coaching/volunteering insurance and this fee will be reimbursed by EP for active volunteers. Please see our guide on how to renew for Volunteers, Leaders and Coaches.


Once you have added CANI Affiliate Membership to your cart, you can then add your Erne Paddlers Membership.

For New Joiners (those that have never been a member before) please follow these steps:

  1. After completing the steps above to register, login to our Membership Portal

  2. Click the “MEMBERSHIP” tab in the top menu bar.

  3. In the red “Canoe NI Categories” Section, click the “ClubMember +ADD” tile

  4. Depending on your age, you will be presented with either the “Affiliated Adult (£10)” or “Affiliated Junior (£7)” tile. This will automatically be selected as it is the only option, so clicking on it does not do anything.

  5. Here you can add Boat Insurance if you like by clicking on that image.

  6. Scroll down, check the “Terms and Conditions” box and click “Finish” to add this Affiliate Membership to your cart.

  7. You will be prompted to complete the “Equality” section of your CANI membership profile. You may need to go back and add the membership to your cart again after this stage.

  8. On completion, you will be prompted to proceed to your cart. Please select “No, not yet” so you can add Erne Paddlers Membership too.

  9. Now, under “Club Membership”, below the Canoe NI Categories, select the purple “Erne Paddlers +ADD” tile.

  10. Here you will see 3 choices, the correct one for new joiners is, “EP – Introductory Membership”

  11. On selecting (clicking on) the appropriate membership, a Membership Form will open up below. Please fill in all the required fields, paying attention to selecting the correct checkboxes as you go. Detailed instructions are included in each section.

  12. Please note that upon receipt of your membership application; categories, discounts and fees paid will be checked and if incorrect, the full amount will be requested before your membership will be processed. An admin fee of £15 may be added. If you are at all unsure which options to choose, please contact us before completing checkout.

  13. All the details collected can be later checked and amended under; “MY PROFILE” / “MEMBER DETAILS” / “Erne Paddlers”

  14. Submit your form by clicking “Finish” at the bottom of the page.

  15. You can now proceed to your cart and checkout.

  16. Upon successful checkout and payment, you should receive an automated confirmation email from Erne Paddlers with a payment receipt and an email from CANI confirming your Affiliate Membership.

  17. A membership card will be posted out to you in due course.

Congratulations, you are now a paid up member of Erne Paddlers and affiliated to CANI!

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us using the information in our “Contact Us” page. We are happy to help.