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How to Find a Course

All our courses are open to all, you do not need to be a club member to book an event.


At Erne Paddlers, we usually have a lot on, which is great, but it can make it harder to find the right course for you. 


Read on to find out how to find and choose a course. ..

Quick link

All our courses are listed on our Events Page by category:


Have a look and if you can’t find what you are looking for, come back here for more info.

On this page you will find:

How to view all our courses


We are using the Go-Membership platform to manage all our club events and memberships, so it’s just one login to; book, pay, manage your membership and subscriptions and more.  This is linked to our national governing body, CANI’s system so you can also manage your CANI affiliated membership and see and book courses from CANI and other providers too.  


Go-Membership has an “Events Finder” portal that has a number of ways to search for and find courses.  


Here is the direct link to all Erne Paddlers courses currently available, listed by category:


You can then click on the category tile that you think best suits you (see more on this below). This will take you to a list of courses in that category.


Click on any event for full details, description, prices, location, times etc.

A description of the categories, to help you choose, is below.

A Go-membership / CANI User Guide can be found here

How to Choose a Category and a Course

This link takes you to all Erne Paddlers courses listed by category.


Click on the category tile to see the courses listed in that section.


Click on any courses or event to see full details and to book and pay.


Short descriptions of all our categories and a guide to their suitability to different paddlers are here:


How to search for a course

On our Events Finder page:


You can search for events in a number of ways as described below.

This works best when you are logged in.  It will show all events listed by CANI, so please use the search terms and filters as suggested below to find Erne Paddlers courses. 

  1. Scroll down and click the Erne Paddlers tile to see all our club events by category

  2. Search for “ernepaddlers” in the search bar to see all our courses in a list

  3. Search for any of the our tags (listed below) to find all the courses with that tag regardless of the category they are in.

  4. Search or filter by location, e.g. Enniskillen, Fermanagh, etc.  Please note you may miss some of our courses that we run further away with this search

  5. Search or filter by Date, e.g. “This week”, “Next week”, etc to see a list of upcoming courses

  6. Search or filter by “Event Type” and scroll down to select Erne Paddlers courses. 



List of Erne Paddlers Tags






































How to see all our courses in a list


In Our Events Pageclick “EVENTS AND COURSES” in the green menu bar at the top of the page, then search for “ernepaddlers” in the “Search for Events” box.


Click on any course for full details and to book.


An overview of all our courses is here:

Please note that not all these courses will be available at any one time. 


How to book a course

[screen shot of booking page?]


You do not need to be a member to book one of our courses and paddle with us. All our courses are open to members of the public.


However, if you intend to keep paddling with us for more than one course, the prices will be considerably cheaper if you join as a club member.  This will also keep you covered for insurance. 


To book you do need to create an account on our website, just like with any online seller.  We use the Go-Membership system which is linked to our national governing body CANI’s website and membership system. 


Creating an account with CANI and Erne Paddlers on Go-membership does not mean you are a club member, but it does make it easy to book a course, join the club, manage your membership and more.


To join as a member, please see our “How to Join” page. 

To book a course, just click through to the course you want, click the booking link, click “add to cart” and then you can continue to add courses or go to the checkout to confirm and pay as normal.

There is a range of payment options to choose from. 

For club members, we will have all your details (including those of your linked family members), so you will be able to check them out very quickly.

For non-members, we will need to gather some essential info in a quick form before you can check out.



About our prices and discounts.


All our discounts for club members, volunteers, assistance rates, youths, etc are automatically calculated at checkout.  You need to be logged in with up to date profile information and paid-up memberships to avail of these discounts.


Please see our Pricing page for more information on our rates and discounts.



Where to get more information.

If you have any questions or run into a problem registering, joining or booking a course, please check out our FAQ page.

If that does not answer your question, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.

Details of how best to get in touch are on our “Contact Us” page.