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Course Categories

How to Choose a Category and a Course

This link takes you to all Erne Paddlers courses listed by category.

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Descriptions of all our categories and a quick guide to their suitability for different paddlers are below:

Erne Paddlers Course Category Descriptions

Courses and Events for Beginners

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This is where to start if you are new to paddling or if you haven’t been out in a while and want to brush up your skills. Lots of our members choose to repeat our “Learn to Paddle'' course until they feel ready for the next level, so it's not just for beginners only.  Others are happy to move on to our “improvers” courses fairly quickly, but the main idea here is that we want you to feel comfortable and learn at a pace that suits you, with just the right amount of fun and challenge. 

One of our most popular courses is the “Learn to Paddle” course and this is exactly as it sounds, a fun introduction to paddlesport covering the essential skills and safety elements.

This is also the place to look for courses and fun sessions for children, like our “Skills After School” and our “Family Paddlepower” courses.  

Courses and Events for Improvers

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This category is for those that have completed our “Learn to Paddle” course and feel confident to move on.

It's also for people new to Erne Paddlers who have already learned the basics of paddling elsewhere.

This category includes skills courses like our “Progress Your Paddling” course as well as trips and tours like our “Love To Paddle” trips, where we ask that participants are not complete beginners, i.e. they are comfortable in their craft, are happy to paddle for a couple of hours and won’t panic in the unlikely event of falling in. 

There are courses in this category that are suitable for young people too.  Many of them can count towards recognised paddlesport Personal Performance Awards and certification.

Courses and Events for Improvers and Above

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This section is for people who have completed our “Progress Your Paddling” course or maybe their Paddle Discover Award.

You need to be comfortable paddling at an average speed for half a day and know how to get rescued and help rescue someone else back into their boat. 

It includes lake trips and introductory courses to moving water in river kayak, canoe, sea and surf. For some, this is what it’s all about, the excitement of rapids and waves and longer trips in slightly more challenging conditions - all leading to a real sense of adventure and accomplishment. 

Many skills courses in this category can also lead to a recognised accredited paddlesport personal performance award. 

Courses and Events for Intermediate Paddlers

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To enjoy the courses in this category you have probably been paddling on a regular basis for a year or two and enjoy day trips in moving water and less sheltered conditions. You can help rescue others and can roll or are close to it or can self rescue.  You probably have most of your own personal paddling kit and looking to improve your skills as you move on to greater adventures and challenges.

This session includes skills courses and guided trips in river paddling, sea, surf and open canoe.

Many of these courses are also suitable for teenagers and can also lead to an accredited paddlesport personal performance award. 

Paddle-ability Courses

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This category lists our courses specifically for those with a disability, like our joint courses with the Lakeland Special Olympics Club.  We have a number of paddle-ability trained coaches and this is a successful section of the club.

Inclusive courses 

Many of our courses are suitable for a wide range of abilities and we aim to be as inclusive as possible as we work with you to help with any extra needs you may have.

For some, paddling really levels the playing field and you may find you easily become competent.  If you need more time and assistance, that’s also fine.

Paddlers regularly move from our Paddle-ability sessions into our inclusive sessions that are open to all.

We will add an “inclusive” tag to all our courses where we can cater for extra needs so you can search for this in the events finder.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs and which courses may be suitable for you. We are happy to help.

Courses for Groups, Schools, Other Clubs, Families and more. 

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We are more than happy to arrange courses, trips and events for your group, be it a family gathering, birthday party, group of friends, school trip, club outing or a work social or team event.

We have a range of set programmes and prices, suitable for different groups and this can be adapted to suit your specific needs.

Read our testimonials here: [link]

Please contact us at to discuss a programme for you.

Courses for Volunteers, Leaders and Coaches

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In this category we have all our courses and trips for club volunteers, leaders and coaches.


These are open to all, but are at reduced price to our Erne Paddlers volunteers.

Volunteers from other clubs are welcome to join us on these courses.  In fact we welcome them as we seek to share our resources and expand our club connections with other clubs and groups.

We run or organise all the usual essential courses for our volunteers, from safeguarding awareness and first aid, to progressive skills courses and accredited leadership and coaching qualifications. 

A highlight of this section is our Junior Leaders Development programme, for young people from 14 years up who have been enjoying their paddling and find themselves helping out more on club sessions. This is a series of courses and mentored development from basic stills through to internationally recognised and accredited coaching and leadership qualifications. 

Courses Overview

For a sample of the courses we offer with short descriptions, please see our “Course Overview” page.