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Erne Paddlers Aims and Ethos 2020

About Paddlesport

Paddling is an enjoyable and safe outdoor adventure activity with something to suit everyone; open canoe, kayak, SUP, sea, surf, river and more.  It can be anything from social, easy and relaxing to exciting, challenging and competitive, with intrinsic reward to be had at all levels. 


Erne Paddlers aims to be "more than just a club" by helping people live "Better Lives Through Paddlesport”, by providing “access to all” to the proven benefits to health and well-being of social, outdoor experience and exercise through a community organisation.


We employ the  "Take Five" methodology of providing; connection, exercise, being present, challenge and learning and service or giving back.

As a community based outdoor sports club we are in a strong position to naturally integrate all these elements into our core activities.

We have an excellent team of experienced and qualified coaches and leaders who all volunteer time to the club due to their passion for outdoor education as a means for developing individuals and communities through paddlesport. 

Under the guidance of our coaches, paddlesport is an ideal medium for developing; self confidence, resilience, mindfulness, problem solving, decision making, playing and working well with others and many more fundamental life skills in a fun, enjoyable and safe way.

As an outdoor sport it is also a great medium to foster environmental awareness and good practise.

We are a registered not-for-profit charity.