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Membership Prices

For details on each discount please see the sections below

Price Table

Pricing Policy

Standard Rates

We aim to be a financially sustainable and independent organisation while keeping our membership, courses and trips accessible to all. We hope to achieve this with a base rate that offers great value, is affordable to most and is enough to support the club.


We really value our family groups and those that attend several times a week and we know the costs of this add up very quickly. To help achieve our mission to encourage regular, life-long physical activity and involvement in social and community sport we already offer the following discounts: members, family/sibling, for booking a block of sessions, subsidised/funded courses and more.

Assistance rates

However we understand that not everyone can afford these rates (even with the discounts). We hope that price should never be the main barrier to participation. Therefore we have added in an “Assistance Rate” or reduced price option for anyone who would not be able to attend at the standard rates.

There is no means testing for this, all we ask is that you make an honest declaration that you and/or your family members value the benefits of attending but would not be able to do so at the regular rate.

Families who may not consider themselves to be exactly “low-income” but who (for example) would like for several members to attend several times a week and find the total price prohibitive, should consider this option for some or all of the sessions attended.

How to claim

If you wish to avail of our assistance rates please send an email to, with the subject line “Assistance Rates”, stating that, “I / my family value the benefits of attending but would not be able to do so at the regular rate and request to pay the assistance rates.

When you have sent the email, you can check the relevant box in the membership application form.

Instalment options

Before you ask for our assistance rate, please first consider spreading the cost over several payments . We have set up instalment options on all eligible products (Introductory rates for new joiners not included).

The assistance rates will be around 50% off for most courses and sessions but will range from free to 15% off for specific courses and memberships.

Active Volunteers Membership Discount and Volunteer Rewards

The Club has a volunteer reward scheme that aims to recognise and reward the valuable work done by our volunteers.

This includes free attendance for volunteers and their children at many club events, reduced rates for courses, ongoing training and mentoring, bursaries for training and assessments, discounts on club kit and more.

To qualify for volunteer rewards we ask that you are a current club member and have been an active volunteer, regularly assisting the club over the past few months by helping on sessions, coaching or leading, working on a committee group or as a board member. If you are not sure if you qualify please get in touch at

As a club volunteer needs Full CANI Membership which includes volunteers, coaches, leaders and directors insurance. To offset this cost, volunteers who have purchased Full CANI Membership can join the club for free. Or, if you have already joined the club we will reimburse your for your CANI Membership – just email us your CANI receipt.

To claim your free Active Volunteers Membership:

Subscription Membership Discount

There is a 20% discount for subscribing (auto renewal each year) to club membership as well as the further benefits listed below.

To avail of this discount please check the Subscription membership box in the application form to apply the discount at checkout.

On checkout you must select “pay by card” and check the box to enable “automatic renewal”

Subscription benefits:

Renewing your club membership automatically every year has several advantages:

Early Bird Membership Renewal Discount

Please consider paying by subscripting for a further 10% off before you choose this option.

Early Bird Renewal gives 10% off if you are renewing your membership within 30 days of expiry.

Please check your renewal date and if within 30 days you can check the Early Bird Membership Renewal box in your application form and a 10% discount will be added at checkout.

For all Discounts – Please note:

Upon payment processing, discount eligibility will be checked and if incorrect the full amount will be requested before your booking or membership will be processed. A small admin fee may be added . If you are at all unsure which options to choose, please contact us before completing checkout.